Helping Paper Turn a New Leaf


Paper has contributed too much in the history of our life and learning for us to toss it aside at the first advances of the digital age. Repurposing this august resource is easy, clean, and beneficial to the future of the planet. Just imagine; the amount of power saved by recycling one ton of paper could power your home for 6 months!

Rapid Savings


If you’ve ever been river rafting, you know how powerful water can be. Without water, we wouldn’t survive. The amount of water that we use daily can be astonishing. From showers to washing hands, people use an inordinate amount of water. Cutting back on the amount of dishes we use, how often we do wash, and how effectively we use the shower can help out the health of our earth.

Green with Envy


One of the reasons that green alternatives have become so popular is the public image boost they give to business. Large corporations have tried to sympathize with green solutions because most people feel that taking care of our planet is a necessity. Give your business a major boost in the market by searching for ways to modernize and utilize economically friendly recycling.

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